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We all go through trials throughout our lives. As we face such stressors, I believe connecting and sharing our experiences allows us to forge ahead. Whether we struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship stressors, or any other issues in this world, finding a safe and supportive place to share our story empowers us. It allows us to recognize our inner strengths and identify options for developing new skills to continue pushing onward. I believe each person has a powerful story that needs to be shared. By engaging in therapy, together we can begin to explore your story and the journey that is unique to you.

I, as a clinician, use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Interventions, and various Faith-based approaches. When we explore such techniques, we as people can begin to identify why we do what we do. We learn skills to empower us to overcome areas of struggle and gain insight into new abilities. Exploring beliefs, concepts of faith, and our purpose is also an area of treatment that can be beneficial for many clients.